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Balazs Prohaszka can best be described as a master Luthier with a touch of East European magic. Coming to Northern Ireland from Hungary this great luthier feels just as much an Irishman as he does a Hungarian.

Making the finest guitars from the most exotic and choice tonal woods, Balazs Prohaszka's instruments are amongst the best in the world. Employed as a senior craftsman at the world famous Avalon Guitar Factory in N. Ireland, Balazs hand builds around 6 or 7 personal guitars each year in his spare time. Read more about Balazs in the profile page.

The time and devotion put into each instrument can only be appreciated after you have held, examined and played one of these lovely guitars. Please feel free to browse through the site. You can contact Balazs through the contact page for any questions about custom design, pricing, and availability.

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